Mutrack is your partner in building your future. 🏥

Mutrack is a part of the movement toward a precision society. We help upgrade our healthcare system with more productivity and less wastes.

We are a next-generation innovation partner working with our clients to create transformative digital solutions by providing an end-to-end consultancy service for hospitals who want to do better in running operational and supportive workflows, such as asset management, patient transportation, internal logistics, and staff productivity.

🏕 Who are we?

Mutrack at its core is a technology company specialized in enterprise software development and tracking technologies. We are all passionate about building a more efficient digital platform that can help you become a better decision maker and drive your business forward.

Mutrack was founded in 2018. Starting out with four people (former Inthentic), today we are a team of ten from various kind of background. We are not just software developers but system analysts, system designers, system testers, project managers, product managers, product designers, marketing specialist, instructors, readers, bloggers, footballers, climbers, travelers, guitarists, photographers and above all hard-workers. Together, we are a small group of professionals with very diverse expertise. We always bring a unique perspective to everything we think and do.

👓 How do we see our work?

We have a dream. A dream that gives us a bright hope about humanity, effectiveness, and happiness. In that dream, we imagine the world in which you can improve your customers’ and colleagues’ life with better decisions you make.

The world where you can help get rid of frustrations and put smiles on your customer faces. The world where you can help improve your colleagues’ effectiveness to free them from repetitive tasks so that they can focus on what really matters. That is the world we all at Mutrack are building for you.

A collective experience gives us a clear picture that above all, it is human, relationship and craftsmanship. We never see software as the beginning and end result but it’s you. You are at the center of the whole journey. That’s why we always:

  • spend more time to analyze business requirements that make sense.
  • put more effort to think about process and solution design that is adaptive and will last.
  • work hard to deliver high quality digital platform that help you overcome the challenges and achieve desired outcomes.
  • coordinate with you regularly to respond to ever-changing needs and challenges.

We always stick with these principles to make sure that we really understand who you are, what challenges you have, and how you envision the world. Then build on top of that, we use our knowledge and experiences to offer thoughtful ways to utilize technology to achieve your business and personal objectives.

🙋🏻‍♀️ How can we help?

If you are looking for someone who can help you understand better about the current situation you are facing, who work side-by-side with you to redefine what's possible in your hospital regarding supportive processes. We believe we can be the one. Let's talk about this in details.

Thank you. 🙏🏽

Mutrack Team

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