When asset tracking is not enough. Hospitals need a new category of solution. 🖥

Do you know we make about 35,000 decisions every day? What if 10% of the decisions are related to work and business. That’s 3,500 a day. The question is how many times those decisions you make are based on facts?

How many times do you feel confident about the decisions you are about to make? Or, you just speculate and use your past experience and instinct to guess the future.

Work becomes more complex everywhere especially those who provide physical services to customers. Rapid changes, more demand, higher expectations, coupled with greater competitions has made staying on top this almost impossible.

You fight with resource insufficiency, process inefficiency, operation bottlenecks, unpleasant experiences, frustrations, and wastes every single day. The battle that seems endless.

👩🏼‍⚖️ Real time decision and optimization

But, in spite of all the spreadsheets, reports, automation, data warehouse, BI, and ERP, you, as a leader, still don’t know what the best decision for this moment is.

Until Now

Introducing … Real-Time Story Optimization.

Where some see people, assets, tasks, processes, workflows, and tracking, we see stories — everywhere.

Stories by nature put people at the center.

Stories of your staff, managers, executives, and customers. Stories that are inherently unique and can make or break their day. Stories that are formed from instantaneous interactions of people, and things around them.

Stories that are crafted well by a series of the best decisions you make to create fulfillment and enjoyment in their memories.

We build a technology platform that collects, and aggregates overlooked information for you so that you can leverage them. We open up an opportunity for you to see hidden information you never knew existed. We convert a massive stream of digital and physical activities into actionable insights.

Ultimately, we help you craft and optimize the best stories. Everyday. In real-time.

🏥 Why hospitals?

We are on a quest to bring this idea to the healthcare industry. Why? Because we think this is the place we can make the most impact. If you spend 10 seconds thinking about what assets you see in a hospital, we are confident that you will be able to think of more than 10 of them — people, medicine, medical devices, medical supplies, surgical instrument, blood, specimen, beds, wheel chairs, vehicles, and linen. Did you know that:

  • sponges and other items are lost (in patient body) in anywhere from one in 5,500 surgeries to one in 7,000 surgeries in US per year?
  • on average patients in US spend 121 minutes for every visit to the doctor, and more than half of those 121 minutes are spent waiting for care or filling out forms?
  • it costs patients $43 in lost time in every visit, a third more than the average cost of the care itself, which costs $32?
  • medical staff spend up to 30% (approximately 72 minutes per shift) of their time just searching for equipment?
  • an average utilization rate of medical devices is as low as 35%?
  • big hospitals lost almost $20,000 of linen every month?
  • staff spends on average one and a half hours after work to search for beds and wheel chairs that are misplaced?

This is what we are talking about — safety, frustrations, inefficient processes, losses, wastes in time and money.

At its heart, this industry is very unique. A hospital is the place where every day you can see and feel countless human interactions and relationships — between patients and patients, patients and doctors, many kinds of staff and their managers and peers. The list goes on. We see this as the biggest opportunity to help you improve their life through our work.

Every percentage increased in patient safety. Every minute and penny saved for both your patients and organization. Every moment of anxiety eliminated from their life. Every smile on their faces. Every act of generosity between human being. Those can become a reality by better decisions you make today and everyday. We at Mutrack are here to be a part of your story. The story of becoming a better decision maker to make life around you flourished. 🌻

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