We are an innovation partner, who works side-by-side with you to turn your vision for the future into reality through technologies. But ...

You may be wondering why you need us? 🤔 So, let's share our perspective.

Even though the healthcare industry is growing strongly, but running a hospital is still difficult because of many challenges. First it is about 1️⃣ cost of medical services that are increasing every year. A task of intelligently 2️⃣ managing high-value assets inside hospitals is an undisputed concern and everyone know that 3️⃣ operating and administration are never easy. It is obvious that who manages the cost of running hospitals better will have a greater chance of winning.

Thailand now has about 1,400 hospitals. Why so many? We think it is because the growth in the healthcare industry draws 4️⃣ more competitors who step in with big ambitious, big money. This make them very fierce competitor. Those who are ready to steal your market share and more importantly your talents. This undeniably makes 5️⃣ talent acquisition and retention a lot more difficult. Last but not least, an ever growing 6️⃣ patient expectation pushes hospitals to a very pressing position. It is a must to provide the best services possible to them otherwise, the hospitals are at risk of being left behind.

To make it worse, the estimated ranges of total annual cost of waste in healthcare in the US. alone is close to 1 trillion.‼️ The biggest portion of the wastes is from the complexity of administrative and operational processes ($265.6 billion)1

Do these numbers sound familiar to you?



Utilization Rate

The utilization rate of high-price medical devices, especially the mobile ones are as low as 30%.


72 minutes

Search Time

Nurses spend 72 minutes a shift just to search for equipment required to perform services.


3 hours

Total Wait Time

Time patients need to wait to see the doctor. Half of which is about paper and handover.



Wasted Vaccines

Globally, half of vaccines were wasted every year due to a bad temperature control process.


$3 million

Wasted Supplies

In a single year, hospitals in the US. have wasted this much of supplies in just one department.



Asset Losses

Hospitals can lose up to $10,000 a month of linen without noticing it due to ineffective asset control.


25.9 minutes

Wait for Porter

Each patient has to wait that long for a porter to arrive based on research in Thailand.



Device Losses

A percentage of medical devices that are found to be untraced and consider lost each year.



Excessive Rental Cost

Big hospitals over-pay annual rental cost and maintenance for infusion pumps.




A percentage of dissatisfied patients due to unavailability of medical resources and delays.


60 minutes

Repetitive Tasks

A minimum amount of time staff spent finding misplaced devices like beds, and wheelchairs.




In the US., patients died each year from preventable infection, which cost up to $4.5 billion.


Be honest to yourself, you will realize that you are losing money literally every second of running your hospital. The bigger your hospital is, the more money you are losing due to more wastes.🗑


You are in a perfect position to start thinking about a better future for your hospital. If you embrace them, digitalization and technologies can help turn things around for you – innovatively, sustainably, and safely.

All you need is an open-minded version of you (of course) and the right innovation partner like us. 😎

Digitalization in hospitals 🏥

It can come in two forms. First is to help you generate more revenues. The kind of technologies that directly involve how you provide medical services. Secondly, it upgrades how your back end/supportive processes are managed. This kind of digitalization brings your cost down significantly by eliminating wastes continuously.

This is the digitalization we are talking about. Let's imagine how much money you will save if you can ...


Reduce asset losses by 10 times within a year.


Increase asset utilization rate from 30% to 70%.


Reduce asset rental and maintenance cost by 30%.


Reduce asset inventory by at least 10% in Year 2.


Implement asset pool policy for 1,000+ items.


Increase staff productivity by 25 times by Day 1.


Reduce response time of field staff by 90%.


Reduce decision-making time of staff by 90%.


Boost patient and customer satisfaction rate by 20%.


Reduce patient waiting time by 30%.


Get rid of paperwork by more than 90%.


Gain real time and quality data for further analysis.

The concept above is very encouraging and we can ensure you that:

If you have these, nothing can stop you from making a progress you always want to see.

Because you know it should never be starting with technologies just for the sake of having them. Rather, a worthwhile effort and investment to be put into an IT project must be strategically thought out and prepared.


Setting visions and goals the right way

Thing big, start small, and adapt continuously.

Plan for short, middle, and long term changes.

Focus on business outcomes rather that project outputs.


Professional teams and working environment

Have committed executives and team members.

Embrace lean, agile and startup mindset.

Encourage sharing, learning and changes.


Good project management practices

Define small and manageable project scope.

Identify and manage risk proactively.

Employ an experienced project manager.

Not only can we help you prepare and achieve the above, we also know quite a few things about technology selection.

"What kind of technologies are you talking about?" - This question pops up in your mind. 🤨

So we say it is a combination of modern technologies that gives you just four things:

What, Who, Where, and When

That's pretty much it. Seems ordinary? Maybe ...

But we turn ordinary to extraordinary things by making them ⏳ real time, adding 😇 context, and telling 🎭 stories.

In short, our proprietary technology platform make it easy for you to keep track of people, assets, and back end operations in one place.

Now, you can understand deeply about what is happening in your hospital in real time. That is very powerful concept that brings your management practices to the next level.

Where is my infusion pump?

This infusion pump was at the hemodialysis department, 12 minutes ago.

How many beds am I having at my department?

You have 10 normal beds and 4 convertible beds.

How long does this patient wait at this station?

He has been waiting here for 32 minutes.

Which porter is the nearest to the ICU room?

Mr. Ponpol is the nearest (458 meters away).

How many time is this device used this week?

This ultrasound machine is used 14 times this week by 5 departments.

What time did she arrive at the orthopedic room?

She was taken here by Mr. Sornchat at 9.14 AM.

We are sure that you feel excited about it. However, based on our direct experience, unless we take the following factors into account from day1, it is very likely that our effort won't give us a desired outcome.


Unified platform

One system, one infrastructure, one user experience from one trustworthy partner.


Reliable hardware

Multi-purpose, secure, reliable, and powerful hardware that with great after sales support.


Affordable technology

“Just-enough” technology and innovation that properly solves problems in economical ways.


Real time information

Insights that are built based on knowing what, who, where and when in real-time.


Process automation

Automation that replace manual work. Data that can be accessed and extracted.


Mobility and flexibility

Well-designed mobile apps that drive staff productivity and encourage prompt actions.


Team empowerment

Decision making that happens at the edge, by the people closest to the work.


Performance measurement

Results and rewards that are tracked, measured, and enhanced strategically.

We happen to build our digital platform to be just that. 😬

Multiple indoor and location tracking applications that effectively work for hospitals of any size.

Our tracking infrastructure, which combines hardware and software, helps many hospitals transform the way they work by leveraging the most out of modern technologies for example, ⌛️ Real Time Locating System (RTLS), 🛰 Internet of Things (IoT), 📱 Mobile and ⛅️ Cloud Computing, 🗂 Big Data Analytics, and 🧠 Machine Learning.

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