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Reimagine the patient transportation services inside hospitals with an intelligent job dispatching solution that drives effectiveness and boost satisfaction.

2 x App Licenses

Android app for porters, which drives the whole operations from accepting a job to transporting a patient safe and sound.

5 x BLE Locators

Bluetooth locators, which talk with the Android app via BLE to detect and report porters' locations in real-time back to the cloud.

1 x Cloud Instance

Easily and quickly start the trial program with Mutrack Cloud (AWS), which comes with performance and security.

14 Days of Free Trial

Experience the modern way of working for 14 days to assess the potential of our solution and see what's possible.

Why Mutrack Dispatcher?

We simply digitizes the entire porter operations from requesting jobs on a web application, automatically dispatching jobs to the most suitable porter, accepting a job via the Android app, tracking progress of jobs, and recording the statuses in the system.

Imagine Uber for your porter team. It is exactly what we have built for you.

Reduce Dispatching Time

Jobs are sent to the most suitable porter in seconds. This reduces a decision making time required by human dispatchers at least 10 folds.

Increase Team Productivity

Manual processes are eliminated making the whole team more productive. Porters get a proper job, finish the job quicker, reduce their idle time by more than 50%.

Increase Tracking Capability

All activities are automatically recorded in real-time. Tracking statuses has never been easier from job in operations, porters' availability and location.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients spend less time waiting and more time at the service stations promptly, safely and happily. This brings patient satisfaction rate to the roof.


Phramongkutklao Hospital

Dispatcher drives a better change in one of the biggest hospitals in Thailand. Deployed in March 2021, the hospital has experienced an upgrade in the patient transportation services with more productivity, and satisfaction from all parties.

Key features to help you manage your porter team

Mobile App for Porter

Receive a job request, accept, reject and perform it via the mobile app, which also updates staff location in real time

Auto Dispatch

Dispatch jobs wisely to the most suitable porter by looking at availability, current location, workloads, skill sets and more.

Equipment List

Define and select equipment required for performing each job to tell porters what needs to be prepared.

Status Tracking

Keep track with the tasks through the Web. Notify when a porter picks up and escorts the patient to the destination.

Job Scheduling

Improve patient flow by creating future jobs, which will be dispatched to porters when the service time comes.

Multiple Porters

Increase patient service quality by dispatching a demanding job to multiple porters at the same time to share workload.

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor overall status of the operation in analytical forms, such as an average daily job per porter, a job duration trend and more.

Daily Job Report

Access a complete job history of every porter daily and weekly via porter profile page, reports and advanced filtering feature.

I am

Whoever you are. Whatever position you hold. If you need to provide an onsite service for your customers. We have got your back. Dispatcher is built to serve all your needs.

Deployment options that cover all your requirements

Mutrack Locator

With our own Bluetooth locators, you can extend your Wi-Fi network to support indoor tracking applications. The locators will receive BLE signals advertised by the Dispatcher App and send them to our cloud via your existing Wi-Fi access points.

Android Phones

Any Wifi Access Points

Mutrack Locators

Mutrack Beacon

If you have experiencing a Wi-Fi coverage issue in your buildings, we have a solution for you. By reversing the system workflow and use Mutrack Beacons, the Dispatcher App will detect BLE from the beacons and report its location via 4G network.

Android Phones

SIM Cards

Mutrack Beacons

Aruba Access Points

This option is to fully leverage your existing Aruba network by connecting Mutrack Dispatcher to your BLE-enabled access points. You need no additional hardware, which saves time/cost, reduces IT treats, and maintain manageability.

Android Phones

Aruba Access Points

Aruba Controllers (optional)

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Understand how your porter operation is being run including your team performance.

Experiment with fluid and real-time job dispatching to see the effect on service time.

Start to systematically track KPIs, such as job per day, job per porter, transporting time, and patient wait time.

Evaluate the potential of indoor tracking technologies, such as BLE, and Wi-Fi for future solutions.

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