We are your innovation partner that can go from the idea to implementation and support with our proprietary hardware and software platform. You can be sure that everything will work smoothly and very efficiently. 🏆

See below for the technological elements and professional services that can be bundled to create many practical tracking solutions for you.

Web App - User

Modern web applications designed specifically for hospital users.

Web App - Admin

Admin tools that are easy to access via web browsers for IT people.

Mobile App - User

Multiple Android apps that empower staff to perform their daily job efficiently.

Mobile App - Admin

Modern web applications designed specifically for hospital users.

Bluetooth Locator

An IoT gateway that detects Bluetooth signal and sends it to the cloud.

Asset Beacon

A beacon tag designed for movable medical devices like infusion pumps.

People Beacon

A beacon tag in a form of a card, which works well for people tracking.

Location Beacon

A beacon tag used to identify a location inside your buildings.

Laundry RFID Tag

An RFID tag that is washable and designed for every type of linen.

RFID Scanner

A high-performance RFID handheld scanner for linen staff to perform their jobs.

RFID Chamber

A big chamber equipped with full RFID to scan hundreds of linen at once.

RFID Station

An RFID table that is designed for linen initialization and scanning.

Industrial Phone

An Android phone that supports heavy-duty, and withstand industrial uses.


Installation services which cover hardware setup, and software deployment.


Training sessions, which range from IT courses to user on-boarding.


After sales supports for hardware onsite, and software on cloud.

System Integration

Linking the tracking infra to hospitals' back end systems via Open APIs.

Cloud Spaces

A high-availability cloud spaces that are secured, and fast for hospitals.

Project Management

Planning, and executing projects by experienced project managers.

Indoor Mapping

Digital floor plans that are used for tracking and navigating solutions.

We work with 👩🏼‍⚕️ Bumrungrad hospital, 🎖 Phramongkutklao hospital, 💁🏼‍♂️ Ramathibodi hospital, Phatara-Thonburi hospital, Bangkok Pattaya, Zebra Technologies, HID Global, Aruba Networks, GS1 Thailand, and many more.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure we can help you solve pressing problems, overcome operational challenges, and build sustainable advantages. To do that, we always start with people and workflows to design practical tracking solutions. Do you want to see proof? Just read below.

👕 Linen

Our linen management solution based on RFID technology helps hospitals manage their linen stock intelligently. Save time, reduce cost, and losses. In the same time, track linen usage in the hospitals.

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Quick scan

Scan a huge amount of check-in and check-out linen and categorize the types of linen accurately.

Par values

Set par values of linen required in each location to control and manage the necessary linen stock.


Replenish linen stock via the system's suggestion of the types and the number of linen for each location.

Wash counts

Track wash count of linen. Check numbers of usage and age in a form of historical timeline.

Delivery tracking

Keep track of all deliveries from every location. See full details including numbers and types of linens.

Laundry tracking

Track linen at laundry factories in real-time. See overdue linen. Generate lost linen report with ease.

Not seen report

Monitor linen that have not been seen for a period of time. Trace back to where and when they were sent to.


See overall status of your linen operation such as usage and shortage via a beautiful and practical dashboard.

🤲🏼 Dispatcher

Our automatic job dispatching solution for internal service teams. We create a Grab-liked experience for nurses, porters, interpreters, messengers, and patients to reduce wait time, and increase staff productivity.

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Digital requests

Create a service request via a web application. Keep track of both incoming and outgoing requests' status in real time.

Mobile app

Receive a job request, accept, reject and perform it via the mobile app, which also updates staff location in real time.

Staff status

Track who is on duty for which job, available for a job, or offline in real time to help supervisors manage workload effectively.

Auto assignment

Assign the task appropriately via mobile application by considering the present location and porter’s availability.

Job workflow

Keep track with the tasks through the Web. Notify when a porter picks up and escorts the patient to the destination.

Job history

Access a complete task history of every porter daily, weekly and monthly via job / porter profile page and reports.

Staff performance

Analyze the time spent in every step for one task of a porter and record it for a better staff  evaluation process.

Operational insights

Monitor overall status of the operation in an analytical form, such as an average duration of jobs this week and more.

🔬 Things

Our movable device management solution with Bluetooth Beacon. We help hospitals keep track of high-value assets’ locations in real time, reduce search time, increase utilization rate and optimize inventory size.

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Many types

Support many types of high-value-movable assets such as infusion pumps, beds, wheelchairs and more.

Quick search

Lookup for a full list of assets along with their current locations. Reduce search time by seeing the nearest ones.

Smart search

Filter search results by many criteria, for example, by distance, owners, maintenance due date, and more.

Assets near me

Scan using a mobile app to see all assets near yourself. Easily locate assets. Accurately check their status from distance.

Department assets

Access the latest location and time of the asset usage. Count the number and the types of asset in each department.

Asset history

Track full history of every state of every asset. See where it has been and for how long. When it was used and maintained.

Utilization tracking

Keep track of the asset utilization rates. Compare with the desired usage goal and plan for improvement.

Asset insights

Monitor asset status via a dashboard and various kinds of graphs, such as asset in-used and not-in-used.

We continue to work with many hospitals to add more solutions to our platform and bring hospital management to the next level.

Here is the list of what is coming.

🌊 Flow

Keep patients flow through. Reduce wait time. Track their whereabouts in real-time. Detect bottlenecks in services.

🙋🏼 Queue

Manage a patient queue at a check up department. Track patients’ locations. Lead them to the next station wisely to reduce overall waiting time.

🧭 Way

Help your customers and patients navigate through your facilities easily with indoor mapping. Enhance customer experience.

❄️ Eco

Track and get notified in real time about environmental data like temperature in fridges, humidity in operating theaters.

🧺 Supply

Manage consumables at OR with vending machines. Record point of uses for billing. Monitor inventory in real-time.

🎈 and more ...

What else you can imagine about tracking solutions. We are confident that we can be of help.

If you are looking for someone who can help you understand better about the current situation you are facing, who work side-by-side with you to redefine what's possible in your hospital regarding back end operations. We believe we can be the one. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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